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Originally, Tetris was not designed as an online game. In fact, Tetris began as a tile-matching puzzle video game. It all started in the Soviet Union in 1984. So, probably many of you still remember those good old days. Today Tetris games are entertaining and keeping focused millions of peoples from all around the world. Be one of them and join us through this unforgettable voyage called No matter of the age group or the gender, we all love playing Tetris. Tell all your friends about and they will be thankful.

The name of the game came by combining two words: the first was tetra - because all of the game pieces contain four segments and the other word was tennis - by the developer`s favorite sport. The shapes are called Tetriminos and they can appear in several letter shapes and colors. Basically, all Tetris games are played by following the same rules. The aim of the Tetris game is to create horizontal lines without any gaps. As you create these lines they will disappear and you`ll earn points and advance on higher levels. Generally, you will have to use the arrow keys of your keyboard to move the Tetriminos or rotate them by 90 degree units and Space Bar to drop them instantly. As you progress levels become harder to complete due to the speed of the falling shapes.

You will have to possess good reflexes and a keen eye to complete the whole Tetris game. That is exactly why you`ll stay interested and visit every time you can. Beside the classic Tetris games, which can be in many forms such as 3D, mini Tetris or a Sneaky Weasel Tetris, here you can also play other types that include building and matching colors games. is a place where you can play the most popular and the newest Tetris online games, so enjoy every minute and have tones of fun. You can always visit our Facebook Fan Page to find the newest info in tetris world