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Originally, Tetris was not designed as an online game. In fact, Tetris began as a tile-matching puzzle video game. It all started in the Soviet Union in 1984. So, probably many of you still remember those good old days. Today Tetris games are entertaining and keeping focused millions of peoples from all around the world. Be one of them and join us through this unforgettable voyage called No matter of the age group or the gender, we all love playing Tetris. Tell all your friends about and they will be thankful.

The name of the game came by combining two words: the first was tetra - because all of the game pieces contain four segments and the other word was tennis - by the developer`s favorite sport. The shapes are called Tetriminos and they can appear in several letter shapes and colors. Basically, all Tetris games are played by following the same rules. The aim of the Tetris game is to create horizontal lines without any gaps. As you create these lines they will disappear and you`ll earn points and advance on higher levels. Generally, as in almost all puzzle games you will have to use the arrow keys of your keyboard to move the Tetriminos or rotate them by 90 degree units and Space Bar to drop them instantly. As you progress levels become harder to complete due to the speed of the falling shapes.

Probably each of us at least once in his life played this brilliant game created relatively recently, and not by someone, but by our compatriot Alexey Pajitnov. Due to the development of the computer and mobile industry, today there are a considerable number of varieties of Tetris, working in 3D mode, using different textures and even representing an arcade consisting of several dozen levels of complexity. So it`s quite difficult to choose which one to play. Therefore, we have collected for you the best Tetris flash games online, where you can play for free and without registration.

The history of the emergence and development

But let's go back to the very origins and find out how this brilliant invention appeared. The ancestor of Tetris is considered an ordinary domino, which in 1980 appeared on the shelves of stores in the USSR. First, Alexey created the game on a computer, of the Russian brand Electronics, which was owned by no more than 1,000 people throughout the country. So, the chances of becoming famous were minimal. Alexey asked his friend to make a port for more common, and not only in Russia, but worldwide IBM computers, thanks to which this logic game gained immense popularity. Later on, a Hungarian company bought the rights to refine and sell Tetris. This company was engaged in creating and porting games to all popular computer systems, after which a modified game with improved graphics and somewhat more exciting gameplay was released in versions for Apple II computers and received enthusiastic user reviews.

Robert Stein noticed the success of the game. He was CEO of a corporation involved in licensing and official distribution of games in Europe and America. Robert signed contracts with the Hungarian programmers for the full acquisition of rights to their version of the Tetris online game. From this point on, the game began to spread very quickly throughout the world, and not only that the United States and America had a strong influence on its development, but also Japan, in which this logic puzzle became a real hit.

In addition to computers, a heavily modified game, appeared on portable consoles. The most famous were: Game Boy, Nintendo, and the Japanese company Sony. At the beginning of the 1990s, first in Japan, and then all over the world, handheld consoles began to appear, called Tetris. These consoles were small elongated plastic boxes with a cheap monochrome screen and seven buttons. Most often in such consoles, there was not only free Tetris but also several other less-known mini-games. Due to its low price, absolutely any child could play this game, even from a not very rich family, which is why they became famous.

Unlike other, for example 3d Horse Games which requires many controls for the moving character, tetris game ussualy needs a few controls - in most cases arrow keys and space bar. As for mobile phones, most of the old models, the classic Tetris game was also installed. Newer phones could download the game via a computer. Now, the game can be downloaded for free on all known operating systems such as IOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can play Tetris online and for free on the computer, as always.

Tetris rules

As for the rules, everything is simple. When you click on Play button, a small rectangular screen will appear on your monitor, with the shorter side down to the bottom. At the top of the screen, various shapes will fall. In the standard version they are square, while in other versions, they can be of various forms, including round ones. During the fall of the figures, you can rotate them in different directions, and also if you have already chosen the place where the Tetris shape should land, you can accelerate the speed of its landing. To play Tetris, you need to make a full row of these Tetris shapes, after which it will disappear, and you will get points. In the new versions of the game, these figures are in different colors, which slightly complicates the final task. The playing field also increased, and the number at which the color row will disappear decreases to five. Over time, the speed of movement of the Tetris shapes increases, and you lose when the figure reaches the top of the field.

You will have to possess good reflexes and a keen eye to complete the whole Tetris game. That is exactly why you`ll stay interested and visit every time you can. Beside the classic Tetris games, which can be in many forms such as 3D, mini Tetris or a Sneaky Weasel Tetris, here you can also play other types that include building and matching colors games. is a place where you can play the most popular and the newest Tetris online games, so enjoy every minute and have tones of fun. You can always visit our Facebook Fan Page to find the newest info in tetris world